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It’s time to let someone else wrap up the details


Build Strong, Stay Strong: Where Quality Meets Assurance

Stay assured every step of the way. With us, building success means building your projects with peace of mind.

Professional Contracting

Leading the sourcing, scheduling and coordination of all trades and consultants ensuring that the development is built with qualified experts for small-medium projects.

Warranty Management

Saddle up and ride with confidence as our expert team leads the charge in managing warranty claims and paperwork with precision and speed. 

Deficiency Management 

Our team is comprised of experienced professionals. We're committed to quality control and work tirelessly to close any gaps in construction. Get ready for sign off.

Home-Owner Management

We manage the relationship with home-owners addressing all their requests, managing communications and tending to any relatedTarion conciliation matters.

Construction Cleaning

Keep your construction site safe and organized during all phases of the project. Our cleaning crew can make each unit spotless prior to home-owner PDI.

Safety Training

Ministry of Labor visits aren't stressful on our watch. We can train and certify staff along with all the necessary protocals and documentation in place.


Our process emphasizes seamless communication

Communication is key, especially when it comes to addressing post-sale issues. We provide transparent and regular updates to homeowners and purchasers, keeping them informed every step of the way. Our approach fosters trust and confidence, leading to greater satisfaction and loyalty among your clientele.

Automated systems for optimal control

We keep our eye on site deficiencies so you don't have to

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Effective communication every step of the way

Efficient project tracking and scheduling

Our work is accurate and carefully 

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